Reformata vs Solduroi

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Reformata vs Solduroi Empty Reformata vs Solduroi

Post  FinnMacCumhail on Fri Apr 13, 2012 7:45 am

Difficulty - Medium
Map - Italian lowland or smth like that
AI Formations - EB and Dart
All numbers from the battle map, not from AI report, as it tends to imagine how much ppl were killed after I would press end button.
Unit size huge (102 Reformata)

Human - Reformata
AI - Solduroi

Test 1

Reformata moves towards Solduroi. Throws pilla, Solduroi charge with spear, swithch to sword, and quick retreat, charge again with the spear. Retreat, charge. Retreat, charge. Romans follow them. They already far from that place where they begun to fight. Solduroi lost. Romans 36 ppl left, Solduroi 10.

Test 2

Reformata stands still with guard mode on. I do not involve. After two volleys of pilla 67 Solduroi left. They retreat and flanking. I do not involve.

As a result 50 Solduroi left, 10 Reformata. Solduroi won.

Test 3

Guard mode off, I do involve. after pilla attack 76 Solduroi left. Charge, retreat, flanking charge again! Romans turned to face the enemy charge. Result: 3 Romans left, 36 Solduroi.

Test 4. Human as Solduroi.

charge with spear, switch to sword, and they automatically switched to spear again, and refused to fight with smth else. Result: 38 Solduroi; 9 Romani. Solduroi won.

Test 5. Reformata vs AI Neitoi.

Result: 7 Romans; 37 Neitoi. Neitoi used sword and managed to slaughter the Romans very quickly, comparing to spearfans Solduroi.

Conclusion: Reformata is not supermen. But they are very good in killing different Gaelache (Romans lost 2 men), and other levies.

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Reformata vs Solduroi Empty Re: Reformata vs Solduroi

Post  gamegeek2 on Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:30 pm

OK well Romans should be very good at dealing with basic troops. Did that have to do with the Gaelaiche routing, perchance?

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