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1 HP base or 2 HP Empty 1 HP base or 2 HP

Post  Cute Wolf on Mon May 23, 2011 4:33 am

basically, I'd rather argue for 2 HP, well, actually, I"m more into 2 HP basis this time, but with increased lethality.

remember foot missile bug (AI controlled missile troops won't attack an unit unless they have attack value higher than 2/3 value of that unit armour, unless they had ap), with 1 HP, raising missile attack/lowering armour value will just make archery units killling machine, using accuracy modifiers and or projectile destroy values indeed negate that, but lower accuracy will induce driendly fire in ridiculous ways (shooting tied up enemy from the back result in your own troop dead as much as the enemy), and projectile destroy will mess with both height advantage, siege, and the AI will deplete their ammo without much effects (missile range are increased for increased height advantage, if you destroy projectile prematurely especially the volley fire one, the AI will mess up by shooting you from "optimum" range, and deplete most of their projectiles in flight)

if you say cavalry charges will go gimp in 2 HP, even without AP values, cavalry charges can still be deadly upon unsofted (fresh, not yet attacked in any way) formations, unless spearmen (with either spear or light_spear attribute), just make sure the cavalry primary attacks aren't too low (attack value 3-5 will result in stunted charges in 2 HP, give them at least 7 for minimal lance attack), remove AP, and get high lethality (0.7 will work, but 0.8 is better)

the lethality should ideally set higher, and the armour value is reduced to keep up with reduced death rate. And in this regard, if you set lethality in high value, you can have area attack to differentiate 2 handed or double swordsmen from axemen (and remove ap from 2 handed sword), in return, they can be given considerably higher attack values (to represent higher power), plus their area attack will doing good works against unarmoured units.

rant stop here, It's actually Sonic's proposal
just feel free to take a look in this spreadsheet, just ignore the units Laughing they're from another side of the world.


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