Movie #1 - Lugiones vs Sweboz

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Movie #1 - Lugiones vs Sweboz Empty Movie #1 - Lugiones vs Sweboz

Post  gamegeek2 on Mon May 16, 2011 11:18 pm

Considering this will be one of the iconic clashes of the new mod and are the factions we are working on right now, I feel this is a good first "professional" quality movie, our first commission for Dienices.

This will be started once alpha 0.03 is officially released.


(These will be easier to understand once the alpha is released)

--- Lugiones ---
1 Bruninkai (Lugian Heavy Cavalry)
1 Kamnitninkai (Baltic Medium Cavalry)
1 Konjaniki (Slavic Cavalry)
2 Jugunðiz (Germanic Skirmishers
3 Karai (Baltic Common Levy)
1 Voini (Slavic Warriors)
2 Tautaginai (Baltic Retainer Spearmen)
1 Druginai (Slavic Retainer Spearmen)
1 Skeudjanez (Germanic Archers)
1 Xaðuberanez (Germanic Clubmen)
1 Xeruneutōz (Germanic Retainer Swordsmen)
1 Kirsninkai (Harii Blackened Warriors)
1 Isernabanðō (Germanic Elite Infantry)

--- Sweboz ---
1 Reiðanez Aþalai (Germanic Heavy Cavalry)
1 Reiðanez Nurþiskai (Northmen Cavalry)
1 Reiðanez (Germanic Cavalry)
2 Jugunðiz (Germanic Skirmishers
4 Plegōðai (Germanic Common Levy)
2 Ðugunðiz (Germanic Retainer Spearmen)
1 Þreutoz Aljarz (Celto-Germanic Infantry)
1 Druhtiz Nurþiska (Northmen Infantry)
1 Werpanez (Germanic Slingers)
1 Xaðuberanez (Germanic Clubmen)
1 Xeruneutōz (Germanic Retainer Swordsmen)
1 Wargōz ("Wild" Infantry)
1 Isernabanðō (Germanic Elite Infantry)

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Movie #1 - Lugiones vs Sweboz Empty Re: Movie #1 - Lugiones vs Sweboz

Post  Strategos Roma on Tue May 17, 2011 5:29 am

Looks cool!

When will alpha 0.3 be released?

Strategos Roma

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