Wonders of Numidia

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Wonders of Numidia Empty Wonders of Numidia

Post  Lionheart on Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:17 pm

This are the wonders of Numidia.

Wonders of Numidia Algnum10

A tomb of Numidian rulers in Mauretanea

Wonders of Numidia Shimit12

Reconstruction of the temple of Micipsa. Could be placed in Cirta. Real location ruins of the roman town of Simitthus

Wonders of Numidia Tomb10

Called tomb of Massinissa. However the date of this tomb is from the II B.C. propably is the tomb of king Micipsa, son of Massinissa, near Cirta.

Function of this monuments: When the three are conquered by any faction the loyalty of the populations of North Africa will shift for the occupation force.
If any of then is destroyed a great rebellion will occur.


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